The Garden of Edena (pt.I)


Mural under a Fig Tree

approximately 7 x 4,5 x 4 m

ARTURb 2019

Lagos, Portugal

Such a special place to spend time.
In the deep courtyard of a former prison in Lagos, this fig tree takes over all the space in the back.
When you 'dive into' its leafs it is like entering a parallel universe - like a green shelter protecting you from the blasting sun and the construction noises around.
Despite that every day we had to collect some hundreds of overripe sticky figs from the ground, it wasn’t only awesome to work there, but also to escape the heat and just sit and stare … at the sun freckles that the wind lets in, the birds, bumblebees and ants doing their thing, even at night, when the moon-ish lights come on and snails, spiders and all other kind of weird creatures take over.