It is what it isn’t and it isn’t what it is


installation (spraypaint and acrylic on pressboard and wood)

dimensions variable (approx. 3 x 8 x 20 m)

solo exhibition

Zone Contemporaine, Bern, Switzerland

My largest installation so far ..

It plays on the myth of the Potemkin Village.
Since to me these panel buildings are a symbol for a failed social and political utopia - the idea was to build an entire city scape (a manifestation of an ideal society if you will), which works perfectly from a certain point of view and whose image stays complete if you follow the main road through the city.

As soon as you leave the 'right path' or even look back, the illusion collapses and the complete image disappears. The remains are abstract volumes, ideas of buildings or thoughts - if you look at it from the opposite side of the room, there’s nothing left of it.

From a third point in the room the 'random’ letters form the exhibition title.

Interesting about the Potemkin village is also that the myth of the fake villages is based on the report of someone who hasn’t even seen them and set up the story only to discredit Potemkin out of personal interests .. just how fake news work today.

The installation is on view until mid-September 2019.